Regards sur la musique en Roumanie au XXe siècle is an attempt to overview all musics – oral and written, popular and art – created or transmitted in Romania during the last century. It is written for the Romanian reader, but also for a possible Western reader, which explains the concentration of the discourse obtained by ruthlessly sacrificing data irrelevant to a foreigner. It may come as a surprise that in the book I have stubbornly drawn connections between most musics and music-related events and the dominant ideologies of the time. Am I exaggerating? I highly doubt it. (Speranța Rădulescu)

A fascinating book, initially intended as a methodical identification of the different types of music present in Romania, but which takes on the dimension of a veritable saga of Romanian music. (Jacques Bouët, Cahiers de musiques traditionnelles)

Peisaje muzicale în România secolului XX
Listening suggestions for readers of Regards sur la musique en Roumanie au XXe siècle / Western Art Music

Western Art Music

George Enescu (1881-1955)

Suite No. 2 for piano in D major, Op. 10 (1903)

Piano: Charles Richard-Hamelin (2016)

Suite No. 2 for piano, part three: Pavane

Piano: George Enescu

Suita No. 2 for piano, part four: Bourrée

Piano: Dinu Lipatti (1943)

Sonata No. 3 in A minor for piano and violin, Op. 25, "in Romanian folk character" (1926)

Violin: George Enescu; piano: Dinu Lipatti (1943)

Chamber symphony for twelve solo instruments, Op. 33 (1954-1955)

Conductor: Constantin Silvestri (1958)

Alfred Alessandrescu (1883-1959)

Symphonic poem Autumn Twilight (1910)

National Chamber Orchestra of Moldova conducted by Valentin Doni (2013)

Paul Constantinescu (1909-1963)

Comic opera A Stormy Night (1934)

Romanian Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra conducted by Cristian Mandeal (1988)

Theodor Rogalski (1901-1954)

Three Romanian Dances, symphonic suite (1950)

National Radio Orchestra conducted by Constantin Silvestri

Mihail Jora (1891-1971)

Symphonic suite Moldavian Landscapes, part I (1953)

National Radio Orchestra conducted by Alfred Alessandrescu

Myriam Marbé (1931-1997)

Ritual for the Thirst of the Earth for soloists, choir and percussion (1968)

Madrigal Choir, conducted by Marin Constantin. Soloists: Ștefan Teodorescu, Mariana Popescu Fălticeni, Aneta Arvinte. Instrumental group conducted by Radu Paladi

Dumitru Capoianu (1929-2012)

How to Paint the Portrait of a Bird, chamber cantata for children’s choir, piano, flute and percussion. Lyrics by Jacques Prévert, translated into Romanian by Gellu Naum (1969)

Children’s Choir of the Romanian Radio and Television conducted by Eugenia Văcărescu. Piano: Marta Joja; flute: Ilie Macovei; percussion: Iosif Fodor

Pascal Bentoiu (1927-2016)

Opera Hamlet, Op. 18 (1969)

Hamlet: Florin Diaconescu (tenor); King Claudius: Gheorghe Crăsnaru (bass); Queen Gertrude: Maria Slătinaru-Nistor (mezzo-soprano); Ophelia: Emilia Petrescu (soprano). George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir conducted by Erich Bergel

Glowings, cycle of four songs on verses by Alexandru Miran, Op. 24 (1977)

Voice: Ioana Bentoiu; piano: Steluța Radu (1999)

Aurel Stroe (1932-2008)

Oresteia. Trilogy of the Closed City. I. Agamemnon, musical drama after Aeschylus (1979-1981). Act II

Clytemnestra: Aurora Frântu (mezzo-soprano) and Dorina Lazăr (recitation); Cassandra: Adina Iurașcu (mezzo-soprano); Agamemnon: George Pănescu (baritone); Herald: Vladimir Deveselu (countertenor); Aegisthus: Ion Marinescu (recitation). An ensemble of soloists of the Romanian Radio and Television, conducted by Ludovic Bács (1983)

Anatol Vieru (1926-1998)

String Quartet No. 7 (1987)

Voces Quartet

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